How to Start a Bookkeeping Business – Ways on How to Find Bookkeeping Clients

Finding clients is considered a major hurdle that most of the bookkeepers encounter after they have educated themselves on how to start a bookkeeping business. There are many common ways that you can secure your first client. Below are some of the actionable tips that you can use almost immediately:

Network with business and trade organizations

Joining the business and trade organizations in your area is one of the effective ways to network with local merchants, businessmen and businesswomen. You may send them information about your services and follow up by a courtesy phone call. Telling them special promotions about your services is a good way to entice them to try your services. Bookkeepers are constantly advised to participate in trade organizations activities when starting their own bookkeeping business.

Business workshop

You can consider conducting free business workshop to local business community as your marketing tool. Not only that you are able to impart your knowledge by giving talk to the community but you have the platform to offer your bookkeeping services to local merchants.

Contact local CPA firm or larger bookkeeping firm

Another way to introduce your services is to contact local CPA firms or other larger bookkeeping firms that have too many clients to handle especially during peak season. Tell them that you can take extra works and some of the CPA firms are more than willing to sub-contract their jobs to you so that they can concentrate on their core services such as auditing, advisory and taxation services.

There are a lot of books on how to start a bookkeeping business but just too few to teach those who have problems to get their clients. Hopefully the above simple tips are helpful in getting your first bookkeeping clients.